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Odoiporikon || Tzeli Hadjidimitriou Lesvos & Kythera - Antikythera guide, Sappho’s expert on Lesvos




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EXHIBITIONS & SHOWS                         


Solo exhibitions

2015  “Lesvos, the island of hidden harmony” at Sismanogleio Megaro, Greek Consulate, Istanbul, Turkey. An exhibition of photos from Lesvos, showing the unique quality of light on the island and the transformation of the landscape through it.

2004. “Time fading into clouds”, at Choros Technis 24 Gallery, Athens

2002    Audio-video show: "A journey in Kythera" at the Cultural Centre of N. Smyrni Municipality, Athens, in cooperation with the network Mediterannean SOS.

2000 In the Natural History Museum of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos with pictures from the book “The Sacred Water

1998  Slide presentation of The Sacred Water and of 39 Coffee Houses and a Barber’s  Shop  at Petra Municipality, Lesvos.

1996 “The colour of Greece”, in the Municipal Gallery of Molyvos, Lesvos:

1995  “Grecia vista dalla finestra”, in Institute of Byzantine Studies, Venice, Italy

1995  “Grecia vista dalla finestra”, in La Plaka cultural centre, Padua, Italy



Group exhibitions

2010  Audio-video show "Different,different...but same" at Georgiadi mansion, Mytilene, for the excibition "To taxidi"

2010   Fete de l' olivier a Meknes, Meknes, Morocco

2009  "Dancing nudes" atAliquando Gallery, Paris, France

2008  mommy art ’08 – the artAZ sessions no 2, mommy, Athens

2008 Audio-video show“Sacred Water” at "the Bath of the Winds" in cooperation  with the network “Mediterranean S.O.S.”.

2006  “Once upon a time there was Penelope Delta”, Athens College, Athens

2005   “A Table”, Skoufa Gallery, Athens

2005  “Aquarium”, at Saint Nicolas Bay Hotel, Saint Nicolas, Crete.

2004   “Zoom on Greece” at Sismanogleio Building in Konstantinople

2004   She participates at the Cheap Art Athens exhibitions

2004  “A little blue...”, at Saint Nicolas Bay Hotel, Saint Nicolas, Crete.

2004  Participation in the exhibition of the Academy of Athens, “In Praise of the Olive” and in the subsequent publication.

2003  She joins the girl power team and participates in the events organized in cooperation with the Hellenic Cancer Society and the Municipality of Athens.

2002  Participation in the first Kythera Photographic Encounters

2000  “Water of life”,participation in the celebrations of the European Heritage Days

2000  “2000 Tin Cans ”, in “The Lithographer’s Workshop at Piraeus Street”, Athens

2000   “39 Coffee Houses and a Barber Shop” based on her book with the     participation of several artists, at “Psihari 36" Gallery, Athens

1999  “Mediterranean, A Source of Life and Civilization”, in cooperation with the network “Mediterranean S.O.S.”.  The exhibition has traveled the next years around several Greek towns and Mediterranean countries.

1997  “Piraeus Street, Transformations of an Industrial Landscape”, Athens

1997  “Aegean trajectories in light and time”: Exhibition at Scopelos Photographic Centre, Scopelos